SUNtanderTime: Green & Sea Playadise

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Still no plan for this summer? Tired of visiting the same places? Do NOT look further! You are lucky because AEGEE-Santander is ready to give you 20! reasons for this to be the best summer of your life:

Santander and surroundings. July. Biggest festival-week of the year. More than 20 new best friends. 200% motivated organizers. Atlantic ocean. Spanish language lessons. Boat trip. The green Spain. Culture. Surf. Tapas and casetas. Beach volley. City tour. Sun. Group spirit. Outdoor concerts. Day trips. Nightlife. Fireworks. 10 unforgettable days.


Have you ever heard of Santander? A very touristic summer destination for Spaniards and Europeans and located in the green North of Spain, we may count up to 7 spectacular sandy beaches in town and many more around. It’s a natural paradise for surfers and watersports fans and here it comes the best part: this event will take place during the city’s biggest festival of the year: Feria de Santiago! Which means an irreplaceable opportunity to meet our unique culture and food, enjoy outdoor concerts, bullfighting and a magical fireworks night.

We are just waiting for you to join us! Do you dare? Apply NOW, seats are filling up quickly! =)


Suntandertime at a glance:

  • When: 17-27th July (10 days, Friday to Monday)
  • Where: Santander and surroundings
  • No. of participants: 20
  • Fee: 145€

What’s included?

  • Meals: Breakfast + 1 warm meal per day
  • Accommodation: Gym
  • A nonstop program full of day-and-night activities.
  • Day trips to Altamira caves, Santillana, Comillas and Somo.

OPTIONAL activity: Bullfighting and/or trip to (sorry, still pending ;))

What do you need to do?

  • Apply using this form.
  • Prepare yourself for 10 intense days and nights!

If you have any question or you need further information contact us here

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