Descenso del Sella 28 Septiembre

This Saturday 28 of September we are doing the DESCENT OF RIVER SELLA!!

We’ll travel to Asturias, our neighbor region, to spend an amazing day and to do some exercise once in a while ( in order to burn all of those tortillas and pinchos you surely have eaten during last weeks 😛 ).

The price is:

  • 25€ (you have AEGEE-Santander card)
  • 29€ (without card)
  • 32€ (trip + AEGEE Card)

With this price is covered:

  • Bus transportation.
  • Enough material to do the Descent of River Sella
  • Bocadillo to have a lunch during the descent.
  • Travel insurance.


  • 8:40 – Leaving Santander!
    • The bus will be at the Facultad de Ciencias Empresariales y Económicas.
  • 10:30 – We start descending!
    • We’ll give you the equipment, life-jacket and lunch. You can rent a slippers for 5€.
  • 13:30 – Lunch time
    • We will stop at the middle of the descent, in a nice place where you can eat and have a bath (bravest only).
  • 17:30 – Coming back to Santander
    • We have to end at some point… Do we meet up afterwards for sharing this awesome day?

You have to bring:

  • Swimming suits.
  • Waterproof shoes that are not easily lost (you should be able to CLOSE THEM) and that protect your feet.
  • Towel and dry clothes for changing afterwards.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Energy to paddle and have fun!

SUBMITTING TO THIS EVENT (already filled!)

You should fill THIS FORM (once is enough!) and paying to our account of Liberbank.

The limit for doing the payment will be THURSDAY 25th September.
Remember to finish the payment (saving the receipt) before that day!!

IBAN: ES50 2048 2000 6334 0035 4512
Titular: AEGEE-Santander

REMEMBER that the concept should be: SELLA2019 + Name + Surname

Example: SELLA2019 Bart Simpson

Any questions you may have, please write us at